Internal & collaborative solutions


Active involvement of the management and the communicants is necessary to relay an overall policy.

• Upward and downward communication, crossdisciplinary, managerial or relational communication, the new internal communication paradigm require actions at all levels.

• Digital tools have become indispensable for the communication-mix which combines efficiency in transferring information, proximity and interactions between the business units of the company.

We help you inform, streamline workflows, federate teams on shared values, boost exchanges...

Management meetings & Leader's Committee


These events both help necessary social connections and contribute to form strategic policy.
After convening staff leaders, you must conducing conversations efficiently, help key issues to be fully expressed, generating and deliberating business ideas, advising on major changes...
The aim is to form the strategic plan, develop charges that align with, support upcoming initiatives and provide reports on complex topics.

Specific tool's overview

> Create a milestone to engage managers by a high-profile event. Access our dedicated event & audiovisual services.

> Relay strategic contents of the meeting sessions by synchronized webcast: multilingual version, optimized live stream, dynamic indexes, synchronized slideshow...

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Awards Ceremony / Webcast demo session


Awards Ceremonies are an excellent way to promote best practices on a business area and to encourage the staff to excel in their work.

Demo sessions aim to initiate dialogue about operational implementation of company projects.

Both have the common goal of better understandings and a motivating tool.

Specific tool's overview

> Assure a virtual presence to distant teams all over the world by the use of videoconferencing.

> Promote the execution of an important project by providing a forum supported by an interactive webcast.

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Web TV broadcast / Live show


One of the most effective ways to inform and rally teams around common goals is to propose periodic live video shows dealing with:

- outlooks and promotion of the strategic plan
- internal changes and reorganisations
- best practice guidelines
- focus about operational aspects of some projects

Specific tool's overview

> Provide a multilanguage webcast by simultaneous translation, or by the use of transcript, velotype, subtitles...

> Liven up your show by the use of participation tools like Live-chat, questions & answers session, online quizz... and get some insight into feedbacks from your teams.

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In-house A/V conferencing or webinars


Remote (audio or video) conferencing is becoming a standard, metting the trends of digital convergence, unified and collaborative communications.

With one or several remote sites in a split screen format, the advantages of this way of communication is to contribute to the company's performance: better managements of workflows and business trips, more efficient exchanges, timeliness of decision-making...

Specific tool's overview

> Increase internal meetings by videoconference: business reports, virtual training, workshops and collaborative work.

> Strengthen team's involvement during interactive webcasts and encourage them to express their opinions about life in the company, work conditions...

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