Focus on Marketing matters & tools


Turn raw data into meaningful and usefull insight.

• In the fields of data-driven marketing, statistics are the most valuable asset for strategic planning.

• Our tools also help you learn what kind of content and delivery suits with audience through requests:

- Traffic volume by time frame, geolocalization...
- Tracking of visitors behaviour & interactions
- Reports starting from entered information.

We help you centralize and integrate data.

Smart data statistics reporting


We have developed a real-time data capture device for traffic monitoring which can be consulted at any time during the live event or by a "query" command (for a volume view over a given period of time).

All the data collected are cross-tabulated by intelligent algorythms and processed to be returned as charts and tables.
The reporting is made to make sense (help measuring the ROI of actions, analyzing online behaviour of your audience...)

Cross-tabulation with CRM and KPI systems


All the data collected can be processed even more effectively if crossed with your internal systems:

- data concerning participation, interaction contents and consultation behaviour

- Information given at the time of registration or during an interactive round-table...

- export of your contacts for e-mailing campaigns

Invitation & Registration management solution


Simplify the invitation and access process by using our dedicated solution. We can take over this part by:

- exporting existing contact data lists and implement another one

- creating e-mailing campaign personalized with your corporate design elements (graphic charter, fonts, images...)

- managing reminders, configuration test reporting, access code and instructions sending...

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