Focus on IT matters & tools


There is no webcast without the total agreement of IT managers.

Our technology take strictly into account IDS technical requirement after three important steps:
• Diagnosis and exchanges about IT priorities and preferences.
• Test phases under live conditions and corrective actions, if necessary.
• Screening and monitoring procedures to ensure effective implementation of the established technical standards (access, data, protocole...)

We guarantee our advisory role and absolute reliability.

Private & secured servers for streams


We have strict data privacy guidelines. When possible, we are commetted to use our private system to stream rather than by cloud:

- secure storage of personal registered information

- private servers located in France

- reliable stream flows

Adaptative or limited bit rate streaming


For the purpose of IT services, we can estimate total weight of the streams on the internal server and take control of it:

- adaptative bit rate delivering (automatically detected or forced), according to downloading network quality of some participants.

- optimization of weight to reach a determined total size.

Interfacing with client's network & live tests


Appointments with IT managers are a major milestone, during which technical issues will be settled as follows:

- Definition of the streaming mode (by internal or external network, degree of optimization, access preferences, security requirement)

- Interfacing both with client's network and participant's systems and test phases under live conditions, follow-up to connection detail report and corrective actions if necessary.

Data security & Access management


After technical validations by the IDS service, we set up a data security procedure and load registration codes on the platform.

- a monitoring is done throughout the project to ensure effective functioning of the system.

- an investigation is instantly carried out by our remote IT experts in case of transmission or reception problems.

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