syncrhonized webcast
syncrhonized webcast

Full interactive webcast

Dynamic webcast which can integrate any interactive tools (Chat, social media feed...). All the data will be directly downlinked to the moderator interface to be processed.

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Functionalities & options

check sunnysideupINCLUDED

  • check sunnysideup Personalized templates & mini-site
  • check sunnysideup Compatibility with all browsers and operating systems
  • check sunnysideup Optimized for HTML5 format
  • check sunnysideup Responsive mode for all devices (smartphones & tablets)
  • check sunnysideup Application toolbars & full-screen mode
  • check sunnysideup Private streaming & storage servers based in France
  • check sunnysideup Dedicated team of IT experts
  • check sunnysideup Securized access (login list or registration mode)
  • check sunnysideup Online live data statistics
  • check sunnysideup Live synchronized multilinguage streams
  • check sunnysideup Slideshow management (synchronized & for download)
  • check sunnysideup Live synchronized multilinguage streams
  • check sunnysideup Live-chat tool (on-line or for internal use)
  • check sunnysideup Social network feeds (moderation & publishing)

on demand sunnysideupON DEMAND

  • on demand sunnysideup Remote war room - administrator mode
  • on demand sunnysideup Simultaneous translation (booth & teams) management
  • on demand sunnysideup Engagement tools embedding (Klaxoon, vote...)
  • on demand sunnysideup Subtitling, transcript, velotype, sign language...
  • on demand sunnysideup Live synchronized multilinguage streams
  • on demand sunnysideup Live synchronized variable selected video bit rates
  • on demand sunnysideup Live video multicast on public platforms
  • on demand sunnysideup Marketing tools (CRM, KPI & e-mailing management)
  • on demand sunnysideup IT tools (specific security process / Smart data statistics)

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