syncrhonized webcast
syncrhonized webcast

Synchronized webcast

Synchronized audio / video multilingual streams with contents and indexes. Streams, data and elements are automatically linked in real-time, as well as on replay.

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Functionalities & options

check sunnysideupINCLUDED

  • check sunnysideup Personalized templates & mini-site
  • check sunnysideup Compatibility with all browsers and operating systems
  • check sunnysideup Optimized for HTML5 format
  • check sunnysideup Responsive mode for all devices (smartphones & tablets)
  • check sunnysideup Application toolbars & full-screen mode
  • check sunnysideup Private streaming & storage servers based in France
  • check sunnysideup Dedicated team of IT experts
  • check sunnysideup Securized access (login list or registration mode)
  • check sunnysideup Online live data statistics
  • check sunnysideup Live synchronized multilinguage streams
  • check sunnysideup Slideshow management (synchronized & for download)

on demand sunnysideupON DEMAND

  • on demand sunnysideup Simultaneous translation (booth & teams) management
  • on demand sunnysideup Subtitling, transcript, velotype, sign language...
  • on demand sunnysideup Live synchronized multilinguage streams
  • on demand sunnysideup Live synchronized variable selected video bit rates
  • on demand sunnysideup Live video multicast on public platforms
  • on demand sunnysideup Marketing tools (CRM, KPI & e-mailing management)
  • on demand sunnysideup IT tools (specific security process / Smart data statistics)

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